Passionate about drawing, painting and color since I was a child, I participated in live model sessions in movement which allowed me to privilege spontaneity and to progressively free the gesture.

I then moved from figurative expression to abstract expression.
To implement colors and forms, to play with the matter, to translate emotions, to find vibrations, to find balances, to seek agreements,
to find harmony, to be surprised by the chance of the gesture and to see a painting being born is a true happiness.

Location : L'Atelier des artistes

Type(s) of event : Exhibition

Theme(s) : Painting, Drawing

  • Close to a motorway
  • In centre of town
  • Town location
  • Close to a public transportation
  • Village centre
  • Close to pleasure port
  • Pedestrian area
  • Bus stop < 500 m
Opening dates
From 30/09 to 29/10/2023, daily.
Free entry.