Sanary occupies an exceptional place in the history of scuba diving, itself inseparable from the adventure of the "Mousquemers" Frédéric Dumas, Philippe Tailliez and Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The Mousquemers:

Philippe Tailliez is considered the pioneer of the waters. He is the inventor of the dolphin's swim and he is at the origin of the name "Mousquemers". He was the first commander of the Gers and of the French Navy's diving school.

Jacques -Yves Cousteau : mythical actor of the underwater world, he lived in Sanary. His villa "Le Baobab" is still inhabited by his son Jean Michel Cousteau, worthy successor of his father, because of his activities dedicated to scuba diving in the United States (Ocean Futures Society). It is in Bandol that he tested for the first time with Dumas, Tailliez and friends, the regulator designed by Emile Gagnan in June 1943. Frédéric Dumas: it was at Sanary, in Portissol Bay, that Frédéric Dumas learned about the underwater world. Cousteau wrote of "didi" that he was undoubtedly the best diver of the time. In Les Embiez, he met Philippe Tailliez, who introduced him to Jacques Yves Cousteau. At their beginnings, they explored the coasts between La Londe les Maures and Marseilles, and in 1942, they shot their underwater films at Le Brusc "Par 18 mètres de fond", practically without breathing apparatus. He is the author of many books, including "The World of Silence", "Ancient Wrecks", "30 Centuries Under the Sea"...

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