Matyasy combines pastry, catering, chocolate, confectionery and ice-cream in a single house, where the marriage of flavours, textures and colours create the desire. The marriage of flavours, textures and colours creates the desire for a gourmet moment alone or to share with family and friends.

It was in December 1989 that Valérie and Denis Matyasy opened their doors for you to discover the world of pastry making.

From a very young age, Denis has always been passionate about this delicacy that makes you dream today.
In 1979, he obtained his CAP in pastry making. At that time he was an apprentice with Mr Pibarot under the orders of Mr Gautheron, best pastry cook in France.

After having acquired some experience, he and his wife decided to go for it.
They started in the old family carpentry workshops in La Crau. At that time they were just the two of them and only offered you sweet treats.

Then, their know-how and sense of taste to reveal certain tastes to you, certain flavours having conquered you little by little, they decided to extend to salty sweets.

In 1991 they decided together to open a new shop in Toulon, St Anne district.

Soon after, in 1996 to be precise, having been the company that has evolved the best in a short time, they went up to Paris to receive the Rabelais d'Or.

In 2007, this shop closed its doors to open in Hyères, opposite the train station.

The Toulon clientele having been so conquered, and showing their desire to find Matyasy products again in the Toulon area, Denis and Valérie decided a year later to reopen their doors, but this time in Mourillon.

In the same year, recognized for his talent and experience, Denis joined the Relais Desserts association. Today he can be counted among the 100 best pastry chefs in the world.

In December 2012, they opened a new boutique in Sanary-sur-mer.

The Matyasy signature is an invitation to sweet and savoury pleasures. We invite you to discover the quality, homemade products that have made our reputation for 25 years.

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Sundays from 9:30 to 12:30.
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