« Creature Created to Create »

Beauty, wonder, color are the sources of my artistic work; as a necessity to creative imagination and fulfillment.

Truth is beauty; it gives back to the world its original nature, its spontaneity, its free and mysterious flow. Today it is mainly painting and photography that impose themselves in my artistic work, while remaining free to explore other supports and media according to my intuitions. From my path of self-taught, there remains in me a will of personal research around the free and spontaneous gesture, to make emerge creations leaving a predefined framework. Over time, the predominant presence in my work of Water, Blue and the splendors of Nature that are revealed in my creations.

"The beautiful seed, the beautiful essence, the beautiful growth, The beautiful in the being and the not being, That it remains true in every moment.

Location : L'Atelier des artistes

Type(s) of event : Exhibition

Theme(s) : Painting, Photography

  • Close to a motorway
  • In centre of town
  • Town location
  • Close to a public transportation
  • Village centre
  • Close to pleasure port
  • Pedestrian area
  • Bus stop < 500 m
Opening dates
From 30/09 to 29/10/2023, daily.
Free entry.